A two night camp in Crowden gave me the chance of a longer walk. This 13 mile walk circled the small hamlet of Crowden and followed the top edges of the local hills. The weather was dry and very hot.

Location- Crowden (Derbyshire)
Map- The Peak District (Dark Peak area) OL1
Route- Crowden- Stable Clough- Dowstone Rocks- Lawrence Edge- Wildboar Clough- Torside Clough- Bramah Edge- Ogden Clough- Rhodeswood Dam- Didsbury Intake- Lad's Leap Crowden
Distance- 13 miles
Weather- Sunny and hot
Location Map- Yes
Memory Map- Yes

The start of the walk looking towards Torside Reservoir. Bramah Edge on the left hand side which I should be walking over later in the day.

Approaching Dowstone Rocks.

Having reached the top this panorama gives you an idea of the views and weather conditions. The A628 and the Woodhead Bridge can be seen as it crosses the Woodhead Reservoir.
(Click on the photo for a larger image).

Near Wildboar Clough a good view over Torside Reservoir and Rhodeswood Reservoir in the distance. My route crosses the Rhodeswood Reservoir dam which is in the distance and out of sight from this viewpoint.

From the same viewpoint a panorama with Crowden in the valley to the right.
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Looking down Wildboar Clough with Black Hill in the distance.

Crossing Torside Clough with ease as there has been so little rain.

Cotton Grass from the Pennine Way as it continues down to Torside Dam. The latter part of my walk also in view across the other side of the valley Didsbury Intake.

Just a little further on looking down to the path of Torside Clough.

From Ogden Clough the Devils Elbow and Rhodeswood Dam, my crossing point before I climb the valley opposite and continue my walk by the edges on the Northern side of the valley.

Woodhead Reservoir from above Highstone Rocks. Just the last descent now to Crowden a refreshing drink of cold water and put the stove on for a mug of tea.

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