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Location -
Malvern Hills
Map -
Malvern Hills & Bredon Hill - Explorer 190
Route -
Wynds Point- Upper Wyche- Worcestershire Beacon- Table Hill- North Hill- St Anns Well- Upper Wyche- Wynds Point- Herefordshire Beacon (British Camp)- Millenium Hill- Wynds Point
Distance -
11 Miles
Weather -
Mist with low cloud over the ridge summits
Memory Map overlay -
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Near the start of the walk looking towards Wynds Point.

A well trod path leading to the next hill at about 256m.

I suppose this conveys the varying levels of mist and low cloud which continually blew across the hill.
There were other walkers, mainly taking their dogs for walks, however overall it was very quiet.

The first road crossing on my walk at Upper Wyche. The ridge ahead leading up to the
Worcestershire Beacon (425m). Again shrouded in mist to deprive me of the spectacular views which
I have enjoyed on previous visits to the Malverns.

Just past the trig point is Worcestershire Beacon. A very quiet and desolate place on a day such as this.

By contrast my return from the northernmost point in the walk (North Hill 397m)
was at a lower level following the contours of the hill with some tree cover.

The last stretch of my walk and a short extension from my starting point to include Herefordshire Beacon
and the British Camp. This photograph looking back across the ridge of hills making up the first part of today's walk

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