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YORKSHIRE DALES - Muker, Keld and the River Swale 28th May 2006

Location -
Yorkshire Dales - Muker to Keld via the River Swale
Map -
Yorkshire Dales Northern & Central areas - OL30
Route -
Muker- Rampsholme Bridge- Swinner Gill- Kisdon Force- Birk Hill- North Gang Scar- Muker
Distance -
6 Miles
Weather -
Manly cloudy with some showery rain.

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Route Map -
Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission
of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.


At the start of the walk on the outskirts of Muker in Swaledale,
the patchwork meadows and dry stone walls typical of this area.

Starting on the path to the River Swale. We were a little early for the hay meadows
with their multitude of vibrant colours.

Looking over towards Swinner Gill and the River Swale.

Looking back over the River and our approach route on the path to the left of the river.

Crossing the footbridge at Swinner Gill.

A better viewpoint showing our route so far on the left of the river and our return route on North Gang Scar
which is high up the hill on the right hand side just above the highest wall by the scree slope.

Keld coming into view as the rain starts to fall.

The waterfall near Keld and our lunch stop.

Joining the Pennine Way and heading south away from Keld and back to Muker.
This high level path proved to be very enjoyable with the kids for the views .

We were surprised to see so many wild primroses on this path.

Muker comes into view with a little sun trying to break through.

Still on the Pennine Way looking west along Swaledale .

Another view west down Swaledale.

Looking east this time and over towards Thwaite with the road to Hawes rising from the valley.

The very picturesque village of Muker, the start of our walk.

Typical stone barn sitting in a hay meadow. In a few weeks time this will be a mass of colour.

St Marys church in Muker.

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