Robin Hood Way leg 3
LEG No.3 Bulwell to Blidworth (12 miles)
Bulwell - Bestwood Village - Bestwood Country Park - Killarney Park - Papplewick Moor - Burntstump Country Park - Longdale Lane - Blidworth Bottoms - Blidworth
Again a cloudy start with some rain by mid morning which was heavy enough requiring the use of my overtrousers. It eventually stopped early afternoon and after a short lunch I could put them back in my rucksack. Later on it brightened up sufficiently to take off my waterproof coat. Sunshine to end the day (at last!).
After being dropped off at Bulwell tram station I crossed the Robin Hood railway line and the new tram track into Bestwood Village

Quite a pleasant surprise as I walked round Mill Lakes at Bestwood

The remains of Bestwood Colliery

This is Alexandra Lodge in the middle of Bestwood Country Park. The path turning left just in front of the building

From Alexandra Lodge this was the footpath through the trees. It wasn't long after this that the rain set in.

Looking back down hill in the direction of Papplewick I decided to stop here for my lunch. The rain clearing away alowing me to remove some of my waterproof clothing.

Entering the woods off Longdale Lane as the clouds move away and the sun makes a welcome appearance.

Long shadows toward the end of the day. The forest track heading towards Blidworth Bottoms