Robin Hood Way leg 5
LEG No.5 - Blidworth 'Jolly Friar' to Caudwell's Mill Southwell (14.2 miles)
Blidworth 'Jolly Friar' - White Post - Farnsfield - Robin Hood Hill - Halam - Brackenhurst - Southwell
A lovely day, hazy sun with a cold biting wind.
Overlooking Farnsfield with light cloud and welcome sunshine.

A panoramic view from the top of Robin Hood Hill just north of Oxton (click on the image for a larger version)

This cairn marks the half way mark of the Robin Hood Way. It must be all downhill now...

This track showing just how wet and muddy some parts of the walk are.

A sign of things to come, these snowdrops the first sign of spring and warmer weather.

Southwell Minster, well worth a visit.