This walk gave me the last chance to experience some remaining snow on Kinder Scout in the Derbyshire Peak District.
The walk started from the Car Park in Edale Village.

Location- Kinder Scout (Derbyshire)
Map- The Peak District (Dark peak area) OL1
Route- Edale- The Nab- Ringing Roger- Nether Tor- Upper Tor- Crowden Tower- Noe Stool- Edale Cross- Jacobs Ladder- Upper Booth- Edale
Distance- 10 miles
Weather- Initially cloudy but plenty of sun later
Location Map- Click here
Memory Map- Click here

Leaving Edale and looking up towards The Nab as a little light rain/ snow begins to fall.

As we head toward The Nab the southern edge of Kinder Scout comes into view. Looks like there is plenty of snow up there and a clearing sky.

Looking up Grindsbrook Clough one of the popular routes to reach Kinder Scout and one of the early parts of the Pennine Way.

Snow in the valley making a very pretty pattern as it lingers beside the dry stone walls and in the dips of the ground.

From The Nab looking over the Vale of Edale to Mam Tor and Lords Seat.
As we reach the upper slopes of Ringing Roger the true beauty of snow covered slopes and bright sunshine make Grindslow Knoll look very inviting.

The path on the southers side of Kinder Scout was not easy to follow. Wildlife clearly leaving thir tracks on what turned out to be a very quiet day on the hills.

From Noe Stool looking down the Vale of Edale on what was a very tyring but satisfying walk.

Near Edale Cross the true depth of the drifts are obvious, the footpath on Kinder Scout passing through drifts such as this which made the going a little slow at times.

Brilliant sunshine as I started my descent down Jacobs Ladder.

In the valley again and Lee House which sits on the alternative start to the Pennine Way from Edale.

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